Trigger Happy

I don't know why, but I...

by on Jun.25, 2009, under geek

... signed up for twitter.

Mostly I wanted to follow a few game developers, Co-Optimus, stalk Felicia Day and such. Not going to post updates to it obsessively like some people1 but it is set up to tweet new blog posts.

Btw, just kidding about stalking Felicia Day. She must have a ton of creepy, geeky, WoW obsessed stalkers. Poor girl. Anyway, she's funny, that's why I'm "following" her. If she gets annoying I'm removing her though 😛

1You have to watch this...

 Eric is a software engineer and father of two, who's hobbies include video games, open source software, and just being a geek. Read more from this author


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  • BigBadBob

    Heh, yeah, I dont really tweet all that much. Like you said, I like to follow certain organizations/people. I also use it as a means of getting my blog out to others, since I use that widget in WordPress to turn my blogs into tweets.

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