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Eric Murphy (aka smurph) is a software developer for Oracular Inc. When he’s not working, he spends time with his wife and two daughters, plays video games with his wife and brothers, and picks up various tech hobbies on the side. He has self-taught himself a large amount of networking skills, Linux, VOIP, Asterisk PBX, web programming, and a slew of other computer-related skills. Of course, this is in addition to his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from UW Oshkosh.

Eric has been involved in several gaming communities and sites over the years. He started as an active member at Action Quake Map Depot due to his interest in a Quake 2 mod called Action Quake. He quickly moved up to become a staff member where he tested and approved maps, managed site content, and moderated the forums. During this time he also became an active staff member of ActionGames.co.uk where he wrote guides and articles about Action Quake and other games. He also tested and wrote guides for a bot software called LTKTBM.

Enter Life (college, wife, kids, house etc). Eric hasn’t been as active since his Action Quake days but is still active in gaming communities focusing on Xbox Live. He still maintains BleedingChaos.net which has been host to a few clans, guilds, and LAN parties over his college years.

Now he blogs about gaming, his tech hobbies, and life in general. He hopes you are entertained, informed, and engaged by what he posts and encourages you to join in the discussions.

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Erika Murphy (aka FoxxyLadie)

Hello!  Im still not quite sure why I agreed to this. I realize most of you only read these things to get info on various video games and computer info. You should know I don’t know much about either.  Pretty sure my husband only invited me for one of the following-

a) shits and giggles
b) I have boobs (boobs seem to attract a certain amount of attention)
c) both a and b

Whatever the answer may be… Ill find out and serve him the appropriate punishment!

In case you don’t remember my name is Erika. I am a 24 year old mother of two. Payton (3 years) and Emma Lee (5 months).  Im currently unemployed and am spending my days raising my two girls to the best of my ability.  Before becoming a mother I was a Pharmacy tech for Walgreens and will most likely return when both girls are old enough to attend school.

My favorite topics of interest are science, music, art, movies and hot/interesting women and I will most likely throw in a few random posts here and there.  What you will not find here are topics on politics and hot/interesting men (for the sake of the few readers I may have).

I look forward to meeting some of you and blocking others!

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