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Happy 4th Birthday Payton!

I can’t believe Payton, our little miracle baby, is four years old already! It seems like just yesterday that we were visiting her in the NICU as much as we could. She has been such a blessing in our lives. This past year she started school and has been such a sweet big sister to Emma. She may not always be the best behaved little girl but none of them are at her age. We’re just so grateful she’s healthy and growing up to be a beautiful little girl.

Happy Birthday Payton!

Photo of the Week – 6/20/10

It’s the second week and I’m late already! I have a good excuse though, yesterday was Father’s Day and I am, after all, a father, and I have a father, so it was a busy day doing fatherly things. Anyway, last week Erika uploaded some fantastic shots so, once again, it was a tough decision. I picked a very cute shot of our daughter Payton taken through the glass of our patio doors. I can’t put a finger on why I like it so much. Maybe it’s her smile, or how Mommy’s and Payton’s hands are pressed together on opposite sides of the glass, or that you can see Erika peering through her camera in the reflection. It’s such an intimate photo that displays a part of Erika that I love. I promise, these won’t always be photos of our kids!

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And on that farm he had a Beel

I had the kids in the tub this morning and we were singing Ol’ McDonald as usual. Payton always picks the animal and the sound to go with it. We went through the usual farm animals and then moved on to family members (who apparently all make farting noises). Emma, Payton, Daddy, Mommy, Gampa, Gamma, and then “Beel” which is what she calls our friend Nabeel. So cute.

Nabeel! We miss you! Come home!

Payton Turns 3!

Three years ago today, something amazing happened that I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand. Our oldest daughter, Payton, was born at 24 weeks. That’s 3 1/2 months early! She was 1lb 12oz and fit in my hand. She was the tiniest baby I’d ever seen. I didn’t think it was possible for a baby to be born that early and little, and fight for her life the way Payton did. She’s an amazing little girl and has been an inspiration to Erika and I.

She had such a little personality early on and that personality has grown quite a bit in three years. Like any toddler, she can be a handful at times, but overall she’s such a happy and sweet little girl. I’m looking forward to watching her grow up.

Today also marks the day we became a family instead of just a couple. It was an intense and scary day but it was a special day I’ll never forget.

Happy Birthday Payton!

We're starting her earlyReady to play!Payton at almost 3