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@mikeyface’s Pre-Order Bonus


If you’ve been following the Borderlands news, you’re probably well aware of the crazy promise Mike Neumann made over Twitter last week. To recap, in case you missed it, Mikey promised valuable loot to anyone who could prove they’ve preordered Borderlands. Of course, I jumped on that offer as fast as I could and earned myself a spot on his list (above… 3rd page, 1st column, 10th name).

I’m very excited about this for three reasons. First, the achievement I previously mentioned which is awarded for playing a co-op game with a Gearbox employee or someone who has the achievement. Obviously this isn’t the most important reason, but it would be cool to achieve this one firsthand.

Second, LOOT! One of the best parts of Borderlands is the loot, even better is free loot from a Gearbox employee. That’s pure money.

Third, and most important, I just want to chat with a Gearbox employee. That would be really cool. I can’t wait for this extremely rare opportunity.

New Borderlands Trailer and Achievements

Check out the awesome new trailer embedded below and also browse the achievements for Borderlands. I was hoping for more oddball achievements but there are a fair amount of secret achievements so maybe those are the oddball ones. I’m looking forward to a game with Randy Pitchford to pick up this one:

Play in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who has this achievement

However, if I manage to pick that one up, it will most likely be for the “or someone who has this achievement” though I’d just like to play with Pitchford to pick his brain (or any developer for that matter).

My wife (FoxxyLadie) told me to order whatever game I want for my birthday, which coincidentally is the day after Borderlands’ release date, so naturally I pre-ordered it. I can’t wait for this game. Hopefully we’ll see a bunch of new stuff coming from PAX.

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