Steve Jobs Had A Liver Transplant

Multiple sources reported last night that Steve Jobs had a liver transplant two months ago during his leave of absence and will be returning to work soon. While that’s not entirely surprising, what I do find interesting about this news is that it came out on a Friday night. Whenever a company has news that they’re afraid it will affect their stock, they release it on a Friday after the stock market has closed. Apple is definitely correct in this assumption. Their stock took hits after every announcement they’ve made about his health, as well as after rumors of Jobs’ death surfaced from unreliable sources. Has there ever been a man who’s health has affected the stock of a company so much? I don’t have an answer to that but regardless, this is very disturbing. You’ll rarely find an article about his health that approaches it as a human condition. They always focus on how it will affect Apple and where the stock is going. The last thing Jobs needs is more pressure coming from headlines and the stock market. Give him a break!

Jobs Had Liver Transplant.[]
Not Only Was Steve Jobs Sick, He Had A Liver Transplant.[]

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  1. right, that’s what i thought too but i’m just going by what other sites are reporting. regardless of what is going on, i find it disturbing how news sites are reporting it. they’re always looking at the stock and apple’s future instead of treating him like a human being inflicted with a life threatening illness.

    btw, your facebook link is missing the “/”

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