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IPv6 Finally hits home

Ok, maybe that’s a bad analogy but it looks like Comcast may be the first to offer IPv6 to home users. Its about time! Many estimates say IPv4 address space will be exhausted in less than two years. Personally, I think Comcast is an unlikely ISP to be leading the way considering their track record but its good to see someone moving on this. Hopefully other ISPs and cell companies will follow soon, however, it seems like there’s a lot to be done to get end-users ready. There aren’t many home networking kits that can support IPv6 and what about all the legacy software and devices out there? I bet we’ll be stuck with IPv6 externally from the ISP and IPv4 behind NAT for at least another century. IPv4 will definitely be slow to die.

Source: Comcast Embraces IPv6 – InternetNews.com