Update Your Bookmarks!

I’ve been holding on to BleedingChaos.net for years but I’m finally letting it go. If you still have a BleedingChaos.net page bookmarked, it’s not going to work after November 13th. If it’s a page on my blog, just change the “blog.bleedingchaos.net” to “triggerhappy.me” and it will work. If it’s some other page hidden somewhere, ask me about it (chances are I forgot about it). The old RSS will still work because it’s actually hosted by FeedBurner, and I’ve redirected it already.

If you’re wondering what the hell BleedingChaos.net is, it’s an OLD clan/guild site I set up for video games a long long time ago that morphed into several other entities over the years. I’ve had no real use for it for a while but it gave me a place to play with web design and applications. It will soon be gone, leaving TriggerHappy.me all alone.

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